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Abandoned buildings and places

I am fascinated with these abandoned buildings and places. I think there is such beauty in them. They have a history which is now forgotten, meant something to someone and now sit rotting into the ground.

On one hand, they are sad and lonely and on the other, sort of solid and resistent...

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Rideau Fire
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Hallville House
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Highway 2, "The Kings Highway"
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Misc. Barns
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Mansfield Road
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Wall Advertising
Hopefully, this will be a series. I know there are a few left in town.
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Osnabruck Centre
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Anneke Dubash
Barn, Rideau River Road
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Anneke Dubash
Barn, Third Line
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Anneke Dubash
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Anneke Dubash
Claremont, Ontario
Apr 11, 2009

The town of Claremont stands in the midst of the long-proposed but unnecessary development of the Pickering Airport. Many of the farm houses and other buildings around the town have been expropriated and are slated for demolition.

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Anneke Dubash
Connell Family Crypt, Spencerville
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Anneke Dubash
Derelict resort, Highway 16, Nepean, Ontario

Rideau Glen Lodge, est 1949

Derelict resort, Highway 16 (Prince of Wales), Nepean, Ontario

The Pappas family ran this resort for decades. My mother recalls having their annual staff picnic there in 1958-1962.

May 15, 2005: A thriving cottage resort in the 1950s, the buildings have stood empty for several decades. Now, it seems that they will be torn down, probably to make way for yet another non-affordable housing development for the well-off....

Friday May 20, 2005: I passed the location today and the cottages had been demolished. They are truly history.....

2013: the abandoned main office/restaurant/store was torn down after 9 years.

Opening announcement, July 7, 1949:,2591360

Water Skiing display:,297679

For sale 1968:,1571026

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Anneke Dubash
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Anneke Dubash
Klondike and March Road

The Klondike Inn, in March Township, may well not be around much longer. It will either fall down or succumb to road-widening.

What little I can find on the building and its history.

According to a history of St. Isador church, March Township: "In 1897, Fr. Sloan was most concerned about the Klondike Inn in South March. "It was", he said, "giving great scandal ........ as well as whiskey on Sunday"."

"Mother, Florence Smyth,
was born in South March at the Klondike Inn."

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