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Rideau Fire

Anneke Dubash
Rideau Fire

The gate is gone and a large sign announcing the application for zoning change is up. Plans are afoot to raze the house and build another faceless, cookie-cutter subdivision for people with too much money. Yay!

Vandals broke in (may well have been who stole the sign) and sprayed grafitti inside and out. I wonder how long before they tear it down?

Update (2014) According to Tracey Arthurs Rob Collinson "The house was donated to Rideau Fire Dept., and was used as far back as the mid 1990's to train firefighters on techniques to fight fires. It was finally demolished after good use and made way for new development."

That answers my question about what the name on the gate meant...

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Anneke Dubash
Rideau Fire, First Line, South of Ottawa

I was by the property the other day (March 17, 2007) and the "Rideau Fire" gate is now.

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