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I decided to start an album where I could collect the names, images, and details of personal heroes.

There is no award, just a place to recognise the people and accomplishments of the everyday heroes (or monumental ones) that often go un-noticed and unsung.

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Anneke Dubash

Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino


Bonnie and Fred Cappucinno, as well as being dear friends are two of my biggest role models.

Both highly involved in human rights, anti-war, and humanitarian issues, they live their lives on Ghandian principals.

Bonnie, with Fred, founded Child Haven International, which Bonnie oversees, travelling to and from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Tibet numerous times a year. Child Haven provides shelter and education for destitute children in 7 homes in the above-mentioned countries. Childhaven also employs a number of local women in need of shelter along with their children.

Prior to founding Child Haven, Bonnie was a co-founder of Families for Children which helped bring Vietnamese orphans to Canada and the United States during and at the end of the Vietnam War.

They, themselves, adopted 20 children from a number of different cultural backgounds, adding two of their own children to the mix.

They have been awarded, amongst many other accolades, the Order of Canada and a UNSECO award, the first UNESCO award received by Canadians.



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