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I decided to start an album where I could collect the names, images, and details of personal heroes.

There is no award, just a place to recognise the people and accomplishments of the everyday heroes (or monumental ones) that often go un-noticed and unsung.

If you want to contribute, send me an image and a blurb (not too long) to mudhooks at


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Anneke Dubash

Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova


Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova (1909-1990), a Czech immigrant to Canada from war-ravaged Europe, was the founder of the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada. Her television, radio, and newspaper campaigns on behalf of the USC made 56 Sparks Street one of two most widely recognized addresses in the world (the other being 10 Downing Street)!

She directed the USC for forty years, making yearly trips around the world, searching out villages and towns in need of Canadian aid to recover from war, drought, disease, and poverty. She eventually established 150 programs in 20 countries.

She died in 1990, after suffering the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease.
You can also hear her voice (including the famous 56 Sparks Street line) by clicking on her image at the bottom of the front page.




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Uploaded: June 14, 2005
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    Quite a woman ...... you have some great heroes......
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